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  Hum Saath Saath Hain - 1999 Starring Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Mohnish Behl, Tabu, Sonali Bendre, Karishma Kapoor, Alok Nath, Rima Lagoo & Neelam, is essentially about the love and affection shared between brothers and unity within a family. Ramkishen (Alok Nath) and his wife Mamta (Reema Lagoo) live with their three sons, Vivek (Mohnish Behl), Prem (Salman Khan), and Vinod (Saif Ali Khan). Prem and Vinod have sweethearts in Preeti and Sapna (Sonali Bendre and Karisma Kapoor), but the eldest son Vivek has always been shy and introverted due to a birth handicap. The family meets with Adarsh and his daughter Sangeeta (Rajeev Verma and Tabu), and decide to get Sangeeta and Vivek get married. Though Vivek protests in the beginning Sangeeta's love and devotion wins him over and they get married. After their wedding Mamta becomes insecure, assuming that Vivek (her step-son) would become selfish and take over the business and property. In order to protect Prem and Vinod, Mamta schemes with Dhanraj (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) to alienate Vivek from the property and inheritance. This divides the family, even though Vivek & Sangeeta accept Mamta's wishes and leave the house. Due to the unconditional love and respect for his elder brother, Prem quietly revolts against his mother's decision and changes her heart. Hum Saath Saath Hain restores faith in the Indian concept of a joint family and gives Indian cinema one of the most ideal characters in its history Vivek and Prem.
  Jo Bole So Niha - Bollywood Movie - 2005 Directed By : Rahul Rawail Starring : Sunny Deol, Kamaal Khan, Shilpi Mudgal, Nupur Mehta, Surekha Sikri, Arun Bakshi, Dolly Bindra, Abhishek Chauhan, Surendar Pal, Rahul Rawail, Kunal Vijaykar. Music Director : Anand Raj Anand, Lyricist : Dev Kohli. Synopsis : Nihaal Singh (Sunny Deol) is police constable who does his job with complete honesty. Romeo (Kamaal Khan) is a terrorist who moves from country to country to spread his venom. Circumstances bring the two together in such a way that Nihaal Singh, unknowingly, helps Romeo escape. This leads to his image being tarnished and he being labelled as a traitor. Nihaal is suspended from his job and humiliated. Meanwhile, Romeo spreads his wings in New York to kill the US President. Since the only person who knows what the terror menace looks like is Nihaal Singh, he is recruited by the FBI to help them catch hold of Romeo. He agrees to help them and is guided by two bilingual FBI agents. But Nihaal has one condition -- after nabbing Romeo he will take him back to his hometown to clear his name and restore his former glory, lost because of Romeo.
  Uphaar - 1971 Directed By : Sudhendu Roy Starring : Jaya Bhaduri, Swaroop Dutt, Nana Palsikar, Kamini Kaushal. Music Director : Laxmikant Pyarelal Synopsis : Anoop - Swaroop Dutt studies law in Calcutta, while his widowed mom lives in a small town in West Bengal. He has a sister, Sudha, who is married to Anil and lives in Calcutta. Since Anoop is of marriageable age, his mom has seen a girl for him, whose name is Vidya, and is the daughter of Shankarlal. When Anoop returns home, she seeks his approval, but he says he wants to see the girl first. He goes to see Vidya but also gets to meet another belle by the name of Minoo - Jaya Bhaduri. He returns home, tells his mom that he cannot marry Vidya, but will marry only Minoo. His mother reluctantly agrees and the marriage takes place. It is then that they find out that Minoo has no household skills, neither is she educated, nor mature enough to understand her relationship with Anoop. Her only interests appear to be stealing mangoes and other fruits, and playing with children much younger than her. Anoop's mom is quite exasperate with her and is compelled to keep her locked up. When the time comes for Anoop to return to Calcutta, he asks Minoo to come with him, but she refuses. His mother cannot handle her childishness and refuses to let her stay with her. Anoop accordingly leaves her with her mom, Sharda Awasthi. However what will finally happen between Minoo and Anoop is what you can find out
  Ek Chitthi Pyar Bhari A ChildS Unshakeable Faith In God, And His Magnanimity. A Mother Separated From Her Daughter. An Innocent But Touching, Letter From A Child, Asking God For Her Father. A Dedicated Doctor Who Becomes The Recipient Of The Rather Strange Letter Addressed To God And Responds. An All Too Human Drama, A Tender Love Story, A Testimony To Faith In God And The Goodness Of The Human Spirit To Overcome Obstacles. A Film, With All This And More
  Tapasya - 1976 Directed By : Anil Ganguly Starring : Rakhee Gulzar, Parikshit Sahni, Asrani, A. K. Hangal, Viju Khote, Lalita Pawar, Abha Dhuliya, Gayatri, V. Gopal, Nazir Hussain, Lalita Kumari, Om Shivpuri, Urmila Bhatt, Adil. Music Director : Ravindra Jain Synopsis : Indrani Sinha (Raakhee) is the eldest child in the Sinha household, consisting of her elderly and ill father, Chandranath (A.K. Hangal); two younger sisters and a younger brother. She loves Dr. Sagar Varma (Parikshat Sahni), who looks after her ailing dad, and hopes to marry him soon. His mother approves of Indu, but would like her to leave everthing behind, and look after her son and the household, which is not acceptable to Indu. Misfortune visits the Sinha household and Chandranath passes away, leaving the entire responsiblity of the household on Indu's shoulders. She decides to open a school for children, and her siblings help her. She refuses Sagar's offer of living at his house. Sagar and Indu decide to marry after the children grow up and are well settled. Years pass by, the children have all grown up, her younger brother, Vinod (Asrani) is a graduate, and finds a job with an organization, the owner (Om Shivpuri) of which wants him to marry his only daughter, Pinky (Manju Bansal), and he must leave his family behind and live at Pinky's house. Vinod's decides to do so, and leaves Indu once again to shoulder the entire responsiblity of getting her two sisters married and looking after the household, he does not even invite them to his marriage. How long will life permit Indu and Sagar to wait? Will the younger sisters assist Indu or will they also turn up like Vinod?
  Chandan Ka Palna - 1967 Directed By : Ismail Memon Starring : Meena Kumari, Dharmendra, Mahmood, Mumtaz, Durga Khote, Nazir Hussain, Asit Sen, Bipin Gupta, Mukri, Dhumal, Shabnam, Abhi Bhattacharya. Music Director : R. D. Burman. Synopsis : No joy in the world can equal the happiness a man derives from watching his own child at play. Not all the riches in the world can compensate for the vaccum, the emptiness, created by the want of a child in a home. With a woman this yearning is a hundred times stronger and the outcome of her torment impossible beyond measure. Radha belonged to a rich family. Her sole aim in life after becoming a widow, was to see her sone Ajit happy and fulfil the promise she had given to her husband that the family name and tradition would be perpetuated. Finding Ajit deeply in love with Shobha, the Raisaheb's daughter who too loved him no less, Radha got them married, hoping that Shobha would prove an ideal wife and daughter-in-law and their home would soon resound with merry laughter of a child, if not children. Three years went by and Radha was still waiting for the new arrival in the family. Her patience was running out. Desperate, she took Shobha to a doctor who, after prolonged examination and treatment, told her that God alone could help her fulfil her yearning for a grandchild. Radha's sorrow knows no bounds. She could not think of the family chain breaking off. She had to have a grandchild and fulfil her promise to her late husband. As a last resort, she took Shobha to Gurudev, the spiritual soul revered by the family. Gurudev had pity on Radha's plight. Taking her into confidence, he told her: ""Look, I am no miracle worker. And, as far as my knowledge goes, I am certain that your daughter-in-law is destined to remain barren.""When Shobha heard this, she was in a daze. She knew her mother-in-law's craving for a grandchild and she knew also that woman would leave no stone unturned to accomplish her objective.Life seemed to Shobha without a ray of hope for her to live. She decided to put an end to it. It was better that way, she thought, than to suffer the humiliation of being branded for ever barren. She knew how deeply her husband loved her and she could very well imagine his dilemma when forced to marry again for the sake of a child.She started walking in the direction of the fatal plunge to end all problems, to end herself. But what mere mortal can meet his or her end according to his or her own design? Destiny had other things written down for Shobha. But let that be unfolded on the screen in ""Chandan Ka Palna"" lest further knowledge of the proceedings spoil full enjoyment of the drama.
  Banarasi Thug - 1962 Directed By : Lekhraj Bhakri Starring : Manoj Kumar, Vijaya Chaudhari, I. S. Johar, Lalita Pawar, Malika, Brahm Dutt, Renu Maker, Gopal Saigal, Madhumati, Jeevankala, Radhakishan. Music Director : Iqbal Qureshi. Synopsis : A friend in need, Shyam-the only son of a wealthy widow, dashes to Girjapur to hold up the marriage proceeding of his friend Kesho with Soni, an ill-reputed girl and carries along Rs. 20000/- in cash for emergencies. Wily Benarasi Prasad's aids, Mala, Dulare and Jogi are after Shyam in the same train to steal away the cash from Shyam who, somehow,is able to out trick them all. On arrival at Girjapur, the trio bargains off their prospective victim Shyam to Bhairav Prasad, the elder brother of Benarasi Prasad. Bhairav manipulates fake marriage between Shyam and Kioli, a girl kidnapped since childhood, and instructs Koili to knock out the cash for him. Young Koili is attracted towards Shyam and she helps him escape from the trap. Koili's loving memory averts Shyam's mission and Shyam, on reaching Kesho's house, helps through the proposed marriage of his friend with his ill-reputed fiancee. After the marriage ceremony Shyam returns to Koili's from Bhairav's fold. Benarasi, jilted lover of Koili, approaches Shyam's mother and informs her of Shyam's act of kidnapping. Misinformed mother disbelieves her son's story and turns out Koili from the house. Externed and distressed Koili encounters a blind retired Captain, Benarasi Prasad in disguise, and innocently goes along to his house. Benarasi Prasad plans out an immediate marriage ceremony with Koili, and Shyam again appears on spot in disguise of Pandit to perform the sacred rites, and takes away Koili for good, to his own house. This time under a new name Kaushalya, and introduces her as his friend's sister. The mother approves of Kaushalya as the right girl for Shyam and gives her consent for their immediate marriage. Jilted Benarasi Prasad and his aids masqurade as Sadhus in front of Shyam's house -- Shyam instructs Koili to remain shut and out of sight but mother plans to take around her would be daughter-in-law to city circus - The situations mounts to breath taking climax here, and Shyam is at his wits' end, as how to keep up his mother illusion of Kaushalya.
  Piya Ka Ghar - Full Length Classic Bollywood Movie - 1972 Banner - Rajshri Productions (P) Limited, Directed By Basu Chatterjee. Starring :Jaya Bhaduri, Anil Dhawan, Ranjita Thakur, Suresh Chatwal, Paintal, Agha, Mukri, Raja Paranjpe, Keshto Mukherji, Sulochana Chatterjee, Sunder, Asrani. Music Director - Laxmikant Pyarelal, Lyricist - Anand Bakshi, Singers : Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi. Synopsis: Mumbai - Bombay, the dream city with skyscrapers, has only one-room tenements for most of its citizens.There, they live and adapt themselves; their joys, sorrows, emotions, and even their grievances all are confined to the four walls of the room.Bharat Mahal is one such huge building where Ram - Anil Dhawan lives with his aged parents, two brothers and his sister-in-law.To this abode comes the seventh member of the family, Malti, the bride of Ram... Malti - Jaya Bhaduri comes from a place which still boasts of wide, green, open fields under a canopy of deep blue skies, with trees and flowers, hills and streams.She comes to the dream city with hopes of an exciting, thrilling happy life. She discovers soon that the wide world of her own home-town has to be confined within the four walls of her new one-room home in Mumbai.Happiness eludes Ram and Malti, despite their love and devotion to each other. Malti finds it difficult to live, love or even quarrel in the one room with so many relations breathing down her neck! The problems of the newly-weds who come to the dream city, their trials and tribulations, and their compromises is told in this breezy, marital comedy.
  Pehli Nazar Ka Pehla Pyar Pratik marries Shraddha and moves her far away from home and they begin a beautiful life together until tragedy strikes

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